Let's Enjoy Storytelling in English

Enjoy the traditional, Kamigata storytelling and Rakugo in easy-to-understand English. “Family Yose” is a program that both children and adults, and their families can enjoy together.


[Venue]Uehommachi Zeniya Hall

Ticket Price
Presale ¥2,000
Doors ¥2,500
(Non-reserved seat)
Online ¥1,000

Let's Enjoy Rakugo & Shamisen Performance in English

Feel free to enjoy Rakugo in English and Onna Douraku (Comic Monologue with Shamisen) performance in the hotel lounge. You will also see the art of shamisen and a beautiful Japanese dance with easy explanations.


[Venue]Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda

Ticket Price
Presale ¥2,000
Doors ¥2,500
(Non-reserved seat)
Online ¥1,000

Let's Enjoy the Japanese "Beauty" Noh Show

“Noh” is the oldest performing art that Japan boasts to the world. You can enjoy the dignified Noh stage, the expression of Noh masks, its beautiful costumes, and powerful musical accompaniment and chanting from various viewpoints.

‐ Exhibition and appreciation of Shouzoku(Noh costumes) and Nohmen (Noh masks).
‐ About Noh play (the history, how to act, etc...).
‐ Music performance of Hayashi (the orchestra of Noh).
‐ About Utai (Chanting Noh rhythmes).
‐ From Noh play “Shojo —The red-faced Fairy”

About “Shojo”
Shojo is the Chinese legendary creature. This drama “Shojo” is a performance that Kofu who is a dutiful son, meets and drinks with Shojo. Shojo dances and gives Kofu a “never-ending-sake pot”, then Kofu becomes wealthy.

(*Doors open at 17:30)

[Venue]Ohtsuki Noh Theatre

Ticket Price
Presale ¥2,000
Doors ¥2,500
(Non-reserved seat)
Online ¥1,000

This performance is a model program for verifying the use of “Osaka’s Unique” traditional performing arts as tourism resources. This year will be the final year of the project after experimental implementation and repeated verification since 2017. (Year 2020 was canceled due to the spread of COVID-19) The purpose is to lead to the development of a traditional performing arts program so that private sectors can put into practice in post pandemic.

Tickets Release date


Ticket Agency




Ticket Booth (Cash only)

Zeniyahompo-honkan 2nd Floor Office
Phone: 06-6772-1245(10:00–17:00/Excluding weekends and holidays)
(December 2nd– 4th 2021 are only for performance)

Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda
Phone: 06-6344-8800(December 19th and 20th 2021 are only for performance)

Ohtsuki Noh Theatre
Phone:06-6761-8055 (11:00 –16:00/ Irregular holidays)
(January 14th 2022 is only for performance/No guided tour available)

*In addition to the above, you can also make reservations from the following sites.
Contact & Reservation: https://www.tradshow.net
*Sale fees will be charged except “Zeniyahompo-honkan 2nd Floor Office”, “Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda”, and “Ohtsuki Noh Theater”.

Ticket for Online Streaming

This is a ticket for online streaming only. You can purchase and stream at “ZAIKO LIVE”.

Contact & Reservation

Tel:06-6372-3690(10:00–18:00/Excluding weekends and holidays)

Venue Map & Access

Uehommachi Zeniya Hall
Zeniyahompo-minamikan 6F, Ishigatsuji-cho, Tennoji-Ku, Osaka City, 543-0031 Japan

-Get off at Kintetsu Osaka Line “Osaka Uehommachi” station, 5 minutes walk
-Get off at Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line “Tanimachi 9-chome” station, 7 minutes walk from Exit 12

Hotel Intergate Osaka Umeda
2-5-2, Umeda, Kita-Ku, Osaka City, 530-0001 Japan

-Get off at JR Line “Osaka” station, 5 minutes walk from Sakurabashi Exit
-Get off at JR Tozai Line “Kitashinchi” station, 5 minutes walk
-Get off at Hanshin Main Line “Osaka-umeda” station, 5 minutes walk
-Get off at Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line “Nishi-Umeda” station, 3 minutes walk from Exit 10
-Get off at Osaka Metro Midosuji Line “Nishi-Umeda” station, 8 minutes walk

Ohtsuki Noh Theatre
A-7, Uemachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, 540-0005 Japan

-Get off at Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line “Tanimachi 4-chome” station, 300m south from Exit 10
(There is an elevator at Exit 11)
Or get off at Tanimachi Line or Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line “Tanimachi 6-chome” station, 350m from Exit 7
-Get off at Osaka City Bus “National Hospital Organization Osaka National Hospital” and head south